Our team

Below you will find information on the people that make up our team. These are people who are responsible for the operation of this website. If you have any questions related to the operation of our generator, write, and certainly we will try to help you!

Our Teams

Phillip Nash (Manager)

Phillip manages the whole project CheatRoblox.com, ensuring that the information posted on the site is always up to date. He is the originator of this project and the supervisor of the rest of the team. His interests include programming, website design and mountain climbing.

Andre Selvidge (Developer)

It is on your shoulders that you are responsible for providing you with a working application. That’s what he wrote all this page and generator for the game Roblox available completely online!

William Glisson (Support)

He deals with broadly understood support, that is help with all problems and errors that occur on the site. It is thanks to his help that the application is refined to make it even better for you.